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Another week, another menu plan. Veggies in our weekly box and everything in our garden are essentially the same as last week, so I’m thinking up some new variations. Here’s what I have planned for the week ahead. Seasonal Veggies We’re Working With In our veggie box this week: Beetroot Broccolini Capsicum Carrots Cauliflower Gai […]

Even if you don’t consider yourself a cook, at the very least your kitchen is the place in your home that nourishes you. In the upheaval of the world as we know it right now, our kitchens are naturally taking on a more of an important role in our wellbeing.  They can provide us with […]

Luna Coffee: Herbal Hormone Balancing

Hormone Balancing Luna Coffee: Vitex, Maca, Dandelion & Chicory Dear coffee, it’s time we take a break… This black Madonna has a big role in setting the speedy pace of modern life and has a very addictive way about her. Coffee is a wonderful aid for focus and there are numerous studies supporting its many […]

Folate & making babies: Which one to choose?!

Folate supplementation is one of the first recommendations made by health professionals to any woman planning to have a baby or who is at the early stages of pregnancy.  There are a lot of concepts to take on when starting your pregnancy journey. Women are often thrown head first into sets of rules and advice […]

6 Ways to Treat Pregnancy Heartburn Naturally

Pregnancy is a magical time but also one often filled with niggling discomforts. You may be over the first trimester morning sickness only to be greeted with heartburn. Pregnancy heartburn (also referred to as gastroesophageal reflux disorder or GERD for short) is a common occurrence during pregnancy affecting over 50% of pregnant women. It is […]

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