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The days feel surreal and sacred right now. I’ve entered the luminal space of the “between”. There are subtle shifts in my body, mind and spirit that are letting me know this baby is on the way. The sea is beckoning me to stand at the shoreline, whispering that it’s almost time to wade in […]

Nesting and Finding Ease by Clara Bailey

If you’d like to follow my pregnancy journey from the beginning, I’ve written about my first trimester, but now as I enter my third trimester and I would love to capture some reflections from my second trimester. I also mentioned in my first-trimester post that my husband and I were on the precipice of a […]

Pregnancy Supplements with Clara Bailey Bitcon Naturopath

I’m writing this blog to from week 23 of my pregnancy, and I’m so happy to report my morning sickness (correction all-day-sickness) has gone! I feel like I’ve got a whole new lease on life. If you’d like to read about my first trimester, you can take a read over here. It’s a real joy […]

I would like to start this piece with a word of warning as I didn’t enjoy stumbling across a pregnancy-related article that entailed negative accounts unless I went looking for it. From my years of working in women’s health, I’m also well aware that fertility and pregnancy can be tender topics. So if this is […]

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