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Stress with Clara Bitcon Bailey Naturopath

Have you noticed that your cycle has gone wayward in the past 12 months? Our global community has collectively been going through (and still is) one of the biggest crises since World War Two…COVID. It has touched each of our lives in unique ways; from metta tectonic change to confusion and fear to changes in […]

How I Align My Schedule to My Cycle + Free eCourse This week marks a significant milestone for my naturopathic practice, Mediatrix Wellness. It’s turning 3 years old! To the outside world, us self employed folk may look like we’re careening across the surface gracefully…but I can assure you that there’s a lot of paddling […]

Conceive with Fertility Awareness by Clara Bitcon Bailey Naturopath

 Mediatrix Wellness Podcast · Knowing When You Can Conceive, with Fertility Awareness   Knowing the best time to get pregnant has been made unnecessarily complicated. Aside from IVF and other artificial reproductive technologies (ART) there is a sleuth of products out there from ovulation test strips to calculators, to apps to salvia microscopes. Women intimately […]

Clara Bailey Naturopath and Herbalist

Determining the best time to get pregnant is a very simple process of learning how to read your body’s fertile signs. Have you ever had the experience of hearing something that seems so outrageous, yet in your gut you know how it could be true.  Or when you’re at a point in life where there […]

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