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This weekend I rested. Properly. Which feels like a minor miracle in this season of life. The final stage of my cold was lingering and it was Day 1 of my cycle. So I moved plans around, DH (Dear Husband) took full charge of parenting, I went to the public library, borrowed some books that […]

I writing to you from a rather woozy state of mind – I’ve had three consecutive sleepless nights with DS1 being double hit with a cold and teething molars which I wrote about yesterday. On days like these, I usually wrestle with myself about what to prioritise, what’s achievable and how to keep myself bolstered […]

Barely one week into daycare and we already have the first case of the sniffles in this household. DS1 has been cutting his first molars as well, so all in all he hasn’t been the happiest chap. It’s at these times I find I begin to wobble a bit, the lack of sleep, watching my […]

Tomorrow marks a special milestone in my motherhood journey – my DS1 (Dear Son 1) begins his first day of daycare. It’s not been easy to get a place as there’s been a baby boom in these parts and we’ve had to find somewhere beyond our town. We’ve found a lovely centre that’s rooted in […]

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