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It’s day 4 over here, and I’m feeling the rising energy in me as I shift out of my inner winter. I use my menstrual cycle as a faithful guide to set the pace of my month, and I try to take things as quietly and softly as I can during my period. Every time […]

We’re almost on the other side of all these illnesses in our household. I’m still feeling very rough, but DS1 (dear son 1)has got his sparkle back and is returning to his active, curious form. We’ve been lucky that he is a great little eater. The only thing he has flat-out refused is turnip. So […]

Ganoderma lucidum by Clara Bailey Naturopath and Herbalist

Latin: Ganoderma lucidum Family: Ganodermataceae **Other names: **Ling Zhi, Shaman’s mushroom, Nourish spirit mushroom, soul mushroom, mushroom of divinity Part used: Fruiting body (cap) Origin: Brown-black saphrophyic fungus found in China’s coastal provinces and in the Pacific Northwest of US; grows on roots, trunks and rotting tree stumps of oak and other broad-leaved trees. Actions: […]

Healing Meals: Homemade Herbal Bone Broth

I have been experiencing a renaissance in my kitchen lately. The change from working 8-5 with a 2-hour commute into the city to now building my own practice in my local neighborhood has freed up both time, energy and inspiration to create slow nourishing meals that can bubble along in the background as I weave […]

Keeping Your Immunity Strong in Pregnancy: A Mumma’s Guide

Getting the dreaded lurgy (a.k.a cold or flu) when pregnant is not much fun at all. If it is on top of other pregnancy discomforts it can feel like a superhuman effort to get through. Unfortunately, pregnancy is a time when women’s immunity is more vulnerable to colds and flu as well as other infections […]

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