Listen to the wisdom of nature and become your own greatest healer

Over the past seven years, I’ve supported women from all walks of life and backgrounds choose a deeper, long-lasting way to heal and take care of their health. I specialise in the holistic health and wellbeing of women – many of whom are coping with menstrual health challenges.​  My down-to-earth, gentle and scientifically grounded approach supports women in healing their root causes and feeling like themselves again.  

Online courses, immersions and workshops ranging from 2-hours to 2-months that focus on nourishing wellness, treating root causes, helping you become sovereign over your reproductive health and turn health challenges into opportunities for healing.

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georgia sheil

Working with Clara has brought me closer to myself, my core than I have felt in years…maybe ever. When you are ready to do the work, Clara is the practitioner for you.


Moon School has been absolutely transformative, I am now able to track my cycle, herbal support and hone the intuition that has been there but been ignored. Every menstruating human needs this knowledge.

farah deba

The last few months have been a period of expansion, growth, learning & big health improvements. You’re an amazing naturopath, coach and teacher.


I just want to say how appreciative I am of what Clara has created and how much she has shared and taught us in Moon School.  This course was the best investment I have made in my health as far as an online course goes. Loved it! Thank-you, Clara. x

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