There comes a time when we feel the call to rest.

To make space for re-finding our harmony. 

To rebuild strong inner reserves of energy.

To start thriving after a season of surviving.

But right now you’re feeling like that’s out of reach.

It’s impacting your work, relationships and mental health.

You don’t know why you’re feeling tired, teary and lethargic.

You may be feeling exhausted or experiencing a sense of stagnation.

The Peace Protocol is a 21-day online holistic medicine program that brings you home to the fully alive, well-rested you.

Though this program you:

• Are better equiped – body, mind and soul – to work with stress.

• Have greater ease within your mind.

• Have a practice that allows you to turn to your heart and rest your spirit.

• You are guided and supported by wise and caring hands.

Here's What Past Students Have to Say

Thank you Clara – from the bottom of my heart. Because that’s what I felt during the whole course-time – you’re there for this work + for us with your whole heart. What a present!


In addition to all the wonderful knowledge and empowering information, I have left this course with a new love and respect for myself.


It can seem nearly impossible to be well-rested and peaceful in this noisy and busy world.

You want to find a way to nurture your body, quieten your mind and ease your rushed soul.

You know it’s time to make rest and rhythm a priority.

You’re ready to operate from your full power.

There is a place within you that is still, deep and quiet. No matter how stressed, anxious, fatigued or weary you feel, you can touch that place and rest — your wellspring of peace.


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Thank you Clara – from the bottom of my heart. Because that’s what I felt during the whole course-time – you’re there for this work + for us with your whole heart. What a present!


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Guidelines for making your own delicious herbal mixes, teas, tinctures and capsules.


Natural supplement recommendations.


Grocery lists. 




Weekly meditations


Creative journal prompts. 

beautiful worksheets.



Video and audio lessons. 


Self-assessment tools. 

You'll Receive.


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The Peace Protocol is For:

The Peace Protcol is perfect for you if:

The Peace Protocol won’t be a good fit for you if you:

• You are TIRED… tired of worry, tired of tiredness.
• You feel like you may be too sensitive for this world sometimes.
• You’re wanting a simple, non-overwhelming way of getting yourself back on track.
• You want to know what you’re doing is scientifically valid, but you’re also open to the mystery of the spirit.
• You want to embrace new ways of nurturing your body.

• Do not connect with the spiritual side of life.
• Are currently struggling with major mental health issues or trauma, the peace protocol does gently encourages inner inquiry which, for some, can bring up pain. • While this is ultimately required for healing and integration, it’s important that you’re working directly with a skilled therapist while you undergo this process.

I’m a university-trained naturopath and herbalist, and I’ve been in private practice for seven years. My clinical approach focuses on women’s health and treating the root causes of chronic health issues.

Over the years, I’ve seen how profoundly stress impacts all areas of our lives. 

The Peace Protocol draws upon the latest research of stress, clinical best practices, mindfulness, holistic nutrition, herbal medicine and spirituality.

Meet Clara

Clara has a gentle way of teaching that is extremely accessible and lovely to watch.


Your course has given me such a gentle attitude toward my beautiful body and respect for her. I feel in awe. What a beautiful journey!!


My understanding of my body, cycles and psyche has been greatly deepened. You’ve equipped me with an epic tool kit!



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Frequently asked questions

• You’re currently feeling stress all getting too much, and you’re feeling frayed around the edges.
• You want an integrated approach that combines both the scientific with the spiritual.
• You would like to explore or develop a meditation practice.
• You’re able to put 30 minutes aside each day and engage with the material.
• You’re looking for a self-guided program developed by somebody who is a health care practitioner.

• If you don’t like anything spiritual, there’s a large percentage of the peace protocol that you won’t resonate with.
• If you don’t like anything scientific, there is also a large proportion of the peace protocol you won’t resonate with.
• If you’re currently experiencing a significant mental health concern or exacerbation, but, it will work as an excellent complement to work you’re doing with a trained mental health practitioner.
• If you’re not able to access the internet or have a device, you can access the program on.

I’m a university qualified naturopath with training in clinical science. I completed my Certificate of Natural Fertility Education which is approved by the College of Nurses and Midwives (Australia). I’ve been in private practice for 7 years and I’m a member of Naturopaths and Herbalist’s Association of Australia.  

The Peace Protocol is an online course that is available to everyone all over the world. In order to be able to offer a payment plan through PayPal, the platform I host The Peace Protocol on will only allow USD for this feature.  

There are lessons sent three times a week on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday (video & audio options, slide decks and some workbooks + a 5-20 minute meditation a week). I have made the lessons short and sweet so they are easy to digest. I would suggest though 2 hours a week so that you can engage with the community aspect, as I’ll be present in the forum each day and there’s the opportunity to ask questions in the lessons themselves. So there’s space if you’re an independent learner to take the materials and 100% do your own thing or move along with the group if group learning is more your thing!