You're ready to have a baby! It's a beautiful realisation and exciting place to be.  But you're not entirely sure how to approach this immense rite of passage.  

Prepare for pregnancy with traditional wellness practices and up-to-date science to conceive naturally.

Nourishing Your Fertility is a 3-hour workshop that provides you with a nourishing toolkit and wise guidelines for your preconception journey.

Preparing for babies is not a conversation often had. It's not a topic your doctor will typically bring up, much wisdom that would have been passed from mother to daughter has been lost and it's not something that is taught in schools. If you're feeling a little perplexed as to where to begin, you're not alone.

In Nourishing Your Fertility you will: 

• Gain a solid understanding of your fertile window and how to get your timing right

• Have a clear and soulful 12-week action plan based on your unique circumstances

• Develop an arsenal of nourishing recipes and wellness practices

• Know what herbs and supplements to take (if at all)

• Empowered on how to have a healthy pregnancy

Here's What Past Students Have to Say

I conceived within the first month of trying because I was able to accurately pinpoint ovulation...what a gift! After charting on my own for over two years and being a bit confused by all the different information I found over the years, but you helped me to click it all into place through simplicity, intuition, and grace.

Thank you so very much for absolutely everything you’ve done for myself and my husband. Honestly, the biggest gift you could have given us is taking form in my womb right now and I can’t thank you enough for showing me the way and how to do this ‘work’. Not only have we achieved the ultimate fertility goal after one try (still so incredible to think that that happened), you have shown me back to my body and have empowered the way I see and utilised my feminine nature.

Mamie Wartell

Natasha Piccolo

• A jam-packed 3 hours distilling the latest science and clinical pearls from my 7 years of clinical practice working in women's health 

• Know what body signs to look for to optimise your chance of conceiving

• Soulful practices for preparing for motherhood (or deepening into it)

• Strengthen and fortify your body

• Establish fertility nourishing habits early on

• Minimising factors that can obstruct fertility

• Lay the foundations to prevent post-partum depletion

What's included in Nourishing Your Fertility

Zainab Alradhi

Clara’s courses are holistic and multidimensional; practical and educational. The way Clara talks about the menstrual cycle and fertility makes you fall in love with it!


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What's Included


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Links to all supplements and herbs recommended





x9 20-minute modules which you can either watch as video lessons or listen to as audio

Who Nourishing Your Fertility is and isn't for:

Who Nourishing Your Fertility is for:

Who Nourishing Your Fertility is not for:

• If you're ready to have a baby - either right now or in the next 6-12 months
• You'd like to understand as much as you can about your body and conscious conceive
• You believe in taking a holistic approach to your health
• You'd like to incorporate both science and ancestral wisdom into your preconception journey

• If the idea of changing your lifestyle and food habits isn't something that appeals to you
• If you're experiencing complex fertility issues that have taken some time to manifest - working 1:1 with a practitioner would be more ideal for you.

I’m a naturopath and health coach specialising in women’s health.

I undertook my Bachelor of Naturopathy at Southern Cross University and completed post-graduate training in fertility awareness education and women’s herbal medicine.

Over the past eight years, I’ve supported women heal their bodies using a unique combination of herbal medicine, holistic nutrition therapy, functional medicine, health coaching and menstrual cycle awareness to help my clients become their own greatest healers.

Meet Clara

Clara is a treasure trove of wisdom for all women. She has a gentle way of teaching that is extremely accessible and lovely to watch and I couldn't recommend it more highly.


Clara, you have brought together the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of being a woman in a way that is empowering, supportive, and nourishing.

Rebecca Thomson

Your teachings have been life-changing and oh so beautiful! I have learnt so so much! The fertility awareness method is so simple and brings a beautiful awareness to the body and mind.

Jordana Cox



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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if you are not happy with the workshop in the 14 days of purchase. You will be refunded your enrollment fee, without any questions asked. It's very important to me that you feel you are getting value for your investment. 

I don't cover this specifically as this is an area of specialization and is a more nuanced discussion. But that being said, the workshop covers all the basics and the pillars of preparing for pregnancy. And from my experience. Often, the basics can be overlooked. And they are also a powerful place to return to, if you have been feeling confused around how best to prepare yourself. 

I will not be covering any of these conditions, specifically. However, my approach to women's health in general is one that looks at root causes, rather than just treating symptoms. In the workshop you will be given a very comprehensive self assessment that will identify any root causes that warrant your attention.

It is my hope that on the other side of this workshop you'll have a clear plan as to what extra help and health care practitioners you will need in your team before approaching preconception. 

No, it's all online so you can be anywhere in the world to take it as long as you have an internet connection and have a device to take the course on. 

Yes, I do. Please just get in touch and we can organize something suitable for you easily. I understand in these difficult times that many people's financial situations have changed, and I want to be able to accommodate that for you.