How do I enrol?


1. Choose which payment option you’d prefer.
2. You’ll be taken to an enrolment payment page
3. Enter your details (you can pay with all major credit, credit/debit cards and PayPal)
4. You’ll receive your confirmation email.
5. Class begins March 22 2021!
6. If you selected the payment plan, your card will be automatically debited in 1 calendar month with the second instalment.

Who is Moon School for?


Moon School is perfect for you if you:
• Have a menstrual cycle
• Are preparing to conceive
• Want to learn the fertility awareness method from a trained professional
• Currently taking hormonal birth control but want to transition off it
• Access to an internet connection
• A device to access classes (smartphone, tablet or computer)

Who is Moon School not for?


Moon School won’t be a good fit for you if you:
• Are currently pregnant​
• Have already transitioned through menopause
• Are currently taking hormonal birth control and don’t plan on transitioning off it
• Don’t have access to the internet or a device to access the course

Do you have any spaces left in moon school to join?


If spaces are full, it will say so over on this page. When outside of registration you can join the waitlist to be the first to know when Moon School next opens. Joining the waitlist will also give you access to insider-only specials on your enrollment.

I’m interested in doing the course, but I can’t seem to navigate around to find costs and how to enrol?


No problem at all, if you go over to this page, you have access to all the pricing options available to you.

How often do you run Moon School?


I offer this course once or twice a year. In March and September, you’re able to enrol within the 10-day enrollment period.

How much time does it take to do Moon School?


The course typically takes around one to three hours a week. You have lifetime access, so there’s plenty of space to self-pace.

The community aspect of the course (group calls with Clara, answers to your questions in the comments and Slack group) will only be available for the seven weeks.

Do you offer any payment plans?


Yes! There is a payment plan option that splits the enrollment fee into two or four monthly payments to help ease pressure on cash flow.

As the course evolves, the price does increase to reflect the depth of content, and you have access to all future iterations at no extra cost to you.

I didn’t receive any confirmation email, because I did this on my phone or I used a different computer - how can I double-check that my enrollment went through?


That’s okay, send an email through to admin@mediatrixwellness.com.au. One of my team will check the backend of enrollments, and we’ll be able to confirm your registration from there.

I’m trying to enrol in school, but for some reason, my credit card is not working. Is there another way that I’m able to pay to register?


Unfortunately, no matter how robust tech is, and the effort we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible, sometimes the tech gremlins do interfere. You can always contact myself or my team at admin@mediatrixwellness.com.au, and we can send you a direct invoice, that has other payment options, including full payment on the payment plan.

You mentioned somewhere that enrolment included one appointment with you - is that true?


I do sometimes offer individual sessions with me in addition to the course. But these are limited, and you need to be on the waitlist to have access to this.

At this time I cannot afford the payment plans you have an offer, but if it’s within your boundaries to extend an offer of a more long term payment plan, would that be something you would consider?


I love to make Moon School as affordable and available to as many people who wish to learn this information as possible. My school has a policy of not extending payment plans beyond the time of the course. 

I have endometriosis/polycystic ovarian syndrome/uterine fibroids/PMDD/Entering perimenopause - is Moon School appropriate for me?


The purpose of Moon School is to give you the knowledge of your cycle and to begin tending to your health. I do provide specific information on a variety of different menstrual cycle challenges, but this is done from an angle of self-care and giving you the tools you need.

However, this does not replace 1:1 treatment with a qualified healthcare professional. So my answer to this question is yes and no.

If you want to learn more about your body and how to tend to your health, then yes.

Bt no if you’re hoping that moon school will offer you a complete solution.

I identify as non-binary/trans, and I can see that you use the word “woman and feminine”, a lot. Would I be welcome to Moon School?

What’s the difference between Cycle Alchemy and Moon School?



I love and accept all people from all backgrounds, cultures and gender identifications. If you’re a human, with a menstrual cycle Moon School has immense value to offer you. I do use the word woman a lot, and I have been learning a great deal as to how to apply, gender-inclusive language - which I’m weaving into my work more and more. While everything that I create is aspiring to be more gender-inclusive, some of the words I do use maybe do not 100% reflect that yet. But please do know that you will be welcomed to Moon School with open arms

Cycle Alchemy is a sweet free intro webinar. Moon School is a comprehensive, in-depth course that provides you with over 24 hours of classes, over six weeks. You have access to a community and me. It’s the difference between having some hor d ‘oeuvres at a cocktail party and sitting down for the full banquet from beginning to end.

What kind of support do you offer students through Moon School?


I will be present within the classroom, Monday to Friday throughout the course. Within each lesson, there is an opportunity for comments and questions, which will be answered within 24 to 48 hours. There is also a Slack community to connect with others undertaking the course so that you can find new allies and share your experiences along the way. There will be group mentoring every week, where I’ll be answering the most common questions asked during the week, and also going through charting examples. You can submit your chart for review if you wish to have it used as an educational exercise (and your identity will be kept private if you wish!).