I'd like to book an appointment with Clara - how do I go about doing this?


I’m not currently taking on any new clients, but I highly reccomend any of these excellent holistic women’s health practitioners: Gabrielle Jansen, Phillipa Olsson, Sarah Mann, Hannah Boyd, Sophie Glelitzman, Alison Mitchell and Mamie Wartelle.

I don't live in Australia, am I still able to participate in Clara's courses and programs?


Yes!  All courses and programs are based online, so it doesn't matter which timezone you're in, all you need is a device and a connection to the internet.

Does Clara take health insurance?


Unfortunately, private health insurance policies have changed in Australia as of April 2019, which no longer covers naturopathic medicine or herbal medicine.  

Some health insurance providers may cover naturopathic services, but this is up to you to research. Clara will provide you with a receipt with her association member details which you can quote to your insurance provider.

I sent Clara a health-related question via email or Instagram direct message, and I haven't heard back yet - when can I expect to hear back from her?


Unfortunately, there simply aren't enough hours in the day to be able to thoughtfully respond to everybody's question. But Clara does, however, answer questions in a fortnightly newsletter and also has a special podcast segment where she picks a question every fortnight to answer. There is no guarantee that your question will be answered; however, you will be contacted if it is responded to and notified of where to find it.  Ask your question over here.

I've read one of Clara's blog articles and wanted to ask where I can source the particular herb or supplement she is suggesting?


Given there is enormous variation in what is available all over the world. Clara will always outline the best form and dosage; however, it's up to you to find companies that are available in your area that sell these.   

I'm a naturopathic student, and I would love to do clinical observation hours with Clara - how can I best contact her for this?


Clara's is not presently offering observation hours for naturopathic students.

I signed up for a freebie on Clara's website, and I haven't yet received it, what should I do?


There are two ways you will not have received the email. The first is if you accidentally incorrectly entered your email, in which case you may like to go back in and carefully add your email checking for errors.

Secondly, it's common for confirmation emails to go into spam, junk or promotion folders. To do a full check of your inbox to see if it's been snagged, pop in the search bar "anywhere: Clara Bailey".

If you have tried both these options to no avail, please get in contact, and we will do our best to sort things out for you.

I'm a fellow health care professional, and I would love to ask Clara about some of the business tools, strategies and advice she has. Where can I ask?


I'm flattered that you admire my work and interested in how I run my business. However, I choose to spend my time running my business and then being able to take an ocean swim in the afternoon which doesn't afford me the time to be able to thoughtfully answer all emails relating to my business.

I am considering offering professional mentoring in the near future. If this is a service that you would be interested in, please do fill out the "register interest" form over here and you'll be contacted when the service is running.