Feeling overwhelmed with work-life balance, stress and exhaustion is a plague amongst modern women.

Learn how to heal your roots, release yourself from the trappings of stress overload, mood swings, sleep loss, weight gain and brain fog.

Deep Reset is a 3-month group mentoring program that gives you the tools you need to take back your health naturally.

Through Deep Reset You’ll Have

• Clarity of what your root causes are

• Knowlege of how to treat yourself gently and effectively bring balance back to your health

• A resource of how to nourish your body long term

• A proven process that uncovers what your root causes are

• A plan that gently eases you into a whole new lifestyle

• The support of a group of women doing the same.

Here's What Past Students Have to Say

I have been fighting health issues for years and gave up on ever feeling well. I’ve seen so many physical changes. My body isn’t bloated anymore. This course helped me treat myself gently, know that I can help myself, and I can feel well.

I experienced a dramatic improvement in my premenstrual sleep issues/insomnia and an overall calm and sense of balance – I feel truly ‘reset’! Clara’s clear and detailed content is so nourishing and easily integrated while bringing about huge transformation – I can’t recommend more highly.



I experienced an extremely thorough, nurtured, researched approach to my presenting health issue, which then flowed into deep shifts in my ongoing journey towards higher health.



deep reset

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Limited to 10 people. 


I’ve become far more aware of my chronic stress levels which I honestly didn’t think was such a big deal until now. This program teaches us things we are rarely taught as adults: how to sleep, how to engage in spiritually centred but grounded self-care. This program is indispensable in these modern times.


What will happen when you sign up to the waitlist:

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What You Receive


Introduction Package

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Access to my online courses Moon School




A dedicated Slack group

10% off herbal formulas & online dispensary


x12 weekly mentoring calls

Limited to 10 people. 

Who Deep Reset Is and Isn’t For:

Deep Reset is for:

Deep Reset is not for:

• People who want to find a holistic, longer term solution to heal their menstrual cycle issues
• Have access to an Internet connection and device (smart phone, tablet or laptop)
• Can commit to this 12-week process

• Those who are not experiencing any issues with their menstrual cycle
• Unable to commit to the 12-weeks
• Don’t have access to a reliable Internet connection
• If you have a history of an eating disorder / currently undergoing treatment for one

I work with women to understand what the root causes of their menstrual cycle issues are and create a supported sustainable plan back to health based on traditional women’s healing infused with scientific best practices.

In this mentoring program, I’ve distilled the core process of my therapeutic work into a support 12-week program.

Over the past six years, I’ve supported women heal their bodies using a unique combination of herbal medicine, holistic nutrition therapy, functional medicine, health coaching and menstrual cycle awareness to help my clients become their own greatest healers.

Meet Clara

I experienced great improvements with my fatigue and low energy whilst on the Deep Reset. As difficult as it has been at times, the feedback that I’m getting from my body has been so valuable and so worth it!


I am experiencing amazing results in my health that have been sustained long term that has been incorporated gently!


The last few months have been a period of expansion, growth, learning & big health improvements. Clara is an amazing naturopath, coach and teacher.




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Limited to 10 people. 

Frequently asked questions

Moon School is a program that takes you through the menstrual cycle to becoming a cycle conscious woman and being sovereign over your reproductive health. The Deep Reset is about going through a healing experience.

Yes, you can. It’s a self-paced program so you can pick up wherever you’d like. If you’re somebody who thrives on the dynamic energy of the group and would like your questions to be answered in real time, then I do suggest doing it in the group environment. But if that’s not so important to you, then it’s more than okay to do this when is convenient for you.

Yes, there are payment plans available in three monthly instalments.

Yes. I have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This is how it works: take part in up to the first two Deep Reset weeks from the start of the live program. If you no longer feel that Deep Reset is right for you, send me an email. I’ll ask for your completed tasks to make sure you gave it a go. I’ll also ask what didn’t work for you so I can learn and improve. Once I receive your completed coursework, you’ll get a fast and complete refund. Please do pay attention to dates. I’ll make the refund deadline very clear to everyone who signs up.

If your private health insurance covers group health programs run by a qualified healthcare professional then it’s likely. But for most private health insurers, unfortunately not.

The Deep Reset is based on a modified elimination diet and 5R program. My interpretation of the naturopathically developed program is to focus it on deep nourishment and understanding what your root causes are in the process and doing the deep in a work of making lasting change for your health. It’s a very holistic and immersive process. If you still have symptoms that were not relieved by the initial elimination diet I invite you to do it again and do it step by step in the way that I outline it to you. I’ve seen many times in clinical practice people who have been on previous elimination diets, but may not have realized that there was still a food trigger left in there or if the root causes were not being appropriately addressed through extra support, then they didn’t get the shifts or the results they could have if they did.

No, you can be anywhere in the world that has a Wi-Fi connection. This is all online so it’s accessible globally!

There’ll be a private Facebook group where I will check in every day during the week to answer any questions. They’ll be weekly Facebook Lives for Q and A’s and there is also space within the course to ask questions within the lessons and these will be answered within 24 to 48 hours.

That’s okay, it happens! All you need to do is shake it off, get your mindset back on track and start again.

Yes, there’ll be vegan and vegetarian options for all meal plans, food suggestions and recipes.

Yes, it is. Yet I advise that you only do the basic level of the Deep Reset (removing gluten, dairy, sugar, caffeine, alcohol and processed foods), not the moderate and advanced levels. I will also make recommendations for high-quality nutritional supplements, which if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding and doing any kind of dietary restriction is important to do. There’ll be extra guidelines on how to modify the plan to meet your daily nutritional needs.

I’m a university trained naturopath with grounding in clinical science. I’ve been guiding people through elimination diets for the past seven years.