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We’re still nursing a sick little one, who now has conjunctivitis on top of his cold. Quite the induction to daycare! Which has meant staying close to home for most of the day in the warmth and going about things quietly. DS1 is all rugged up and snug in his off-road pram and DH has […]

A smooth transition from a hormone-based birth control method to a non-hormone-based method needs to take into account what you’re actually going to use. There are several very effective hormone-free options, and I’m going to take you through four of the most effective. Each has its pros and cons. So it’s a matter of deciding […]

The days feel surreal and sacred right now. I’ve entered the luminal space of the “between”. There are subtle shifts in my body, mind and spirit that are letting me know this baby is on the way. The sea is beckoning me to stand at the shoreline, whispering that it’s almost time to wade in […]

I would like to start this piece with a word of warning as I didn’t enjoy stumbling across a pregnancy-related article that entailed negative accounts unless I went looking for it. From my years of working in women’s health, I’m also well aware that fertility and pregnancy can be tender topics. So if this is […]

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