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Barely one week into daycare and we already have the first case of the sniffles in this household. DS1 has been cutting his first molars as well, so all in all he hasn’t been the happiest chap. It’s at these times I find I begin to wobble a bit, the lack of sleep, watching my […]

Menu planning has to be one of the best habits I’ve committed to this year. I now have 8 months of menu plans to refer back to, which I know I’ll be so very grateful for when I come to the 12-month mark and can start looping back. I’ve written about this briefly in my […]

Spring is certainly on its way on this sunny (but still bitingly cold) Saturday morning. We’ve been to the local markets this morning for a chai, a listen to some local musos, bumping into local folks and buying some gorgeous blooms. Daffodils always fill my heart with the most gorgeous sparkly feeling and they’re now […]

What Do We Know of Men and Preconception Care_ by Clara Bailey, Naturopath and Herbalist

Mediatrix Wellness Podcast · What Do We Know of Men and Preconception Care? Writers note: This article was originally published in July 2020 and has been updated in July 2021 Historically, our culture has not always included men in the preconception conversation. There is a growing awareness around men as birthing partners and paternal post-natal […]

What is Pregnancy Preparation and Why Is It Important? by Clara Bailey, Naturopath and Herbalist

Mediatrix Wellness Podcast · How We Are is What We Pass On: A Guide to Holistic Preconception Care   Holistic preconception is approaching the phase before you plan to have a baby with an attitude of tending to the health of your body, mind, and spirit. It’s an area of healthcare that is not given […]

The 7 Best Fertility Nutrients & Foods When Trying to Get Pregnant by Clara Bailey, Naturopath and Herbalist 3

Mediatrix Wellness Podcast · Gathering The Building Blocks: The Importance Of Preconception Nutrition   I’ve been buried in preconception research this past couple of weeks for my workshop, Nourishing Your Fertility. I’m in one of my favourite places when I can do a 360º immersion on a topic, cross-pollinate, distil, alchemise old with new, take […]

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