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I have to admit, I’m ready for the end of all the winter brassicas and root vegetables! As much as a love eating with the seasons, this crossover from winter to spring feels like it’s taking a while. The weather is getting warmer this week and I want to celebrate with all the spring foods, […]

I’ve been thinking about the cost of living a lot lately. My DH (dear husband) and I made a move toward simpler living almost 2 years ago. It was a long-held dream for both of us to move to the country, pull back from the rat race and work toward living a sustainable life. Many […]

We’re almost on the other side of all these illnesses in our household. I’m still feeling very rough, but DS1 (dear son 1)has got his sparkle back and is returning to his active, curious form. We’ve been lucky that he is a great little eater. The only thing he has flat-out refused is turnip. So […]

Another week, another menu plan. Veggies in our weekly box and everything in our garden are essentially the same as last week, so I’m thinking up some new variations. Here’s what I have planned for the week ahead. Seasonal Veggies We’re Working With In our veggie box this week: Beetroot Broccolini Capsicum Carrots Cauliflower Gai […]

The quietness of the weekend has continued – luckily my little one is on the improve healthwise, but we had a very long disrupted night and I now have what he’s been fighting off all week. Even though it’s predictable, I always hope that it will sail past me. So I’m very slow going and […]

We’re still nursing a sick little one, who now has conjunctivitis on top of his cold. Quite the induction to daycare! Which has meant staying close to home for most of the day in the warmth and going about things quietly. DS1 is all rugged up and snug in his off-road pram and DH has […]

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