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Latin: Alchemilla vulgaris Common names: lady’s mantle, lion’s foot, bear’s foot, nine hook, dew cup Family: Rosaceae Part used: aerial parts Energetics: bitter, cool, dry, astringent. Alchemilla vulgaris is native to Britain and Continental Europe. Actions: Gentle hormonal regulator Uterine tonic Circulatory stimulant, improving circulation to the womb Tones pelvic/ovarian tissue Antihemorrhagic Anti-inflammatory Vulnerary Nervine […]

What is Pregnancy Preparation and Why Is It Important? by Clara Bailey, Naturopath and Herbalist

Mediatrix Wellness Podcast · How We Are is What We Pass On: A Guide to Holistic Preconception Care   Holistic preconception is approaching the phase before you plan to have a baby with an attitude of tending to the health of your body, mind, and spirit. It’s an area of healthcare that is not given […]

What To Do When Anxiety Floods Us by Clara Bailey, Naturopath & Herbalist

Mediatrix Wellness Podcast · What To Do When Anxiety Floods Us Editors note: This post was originally published in October 2020 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness in April 2021. It’s been a year of change, challenges and pushing many of us to our limits. Us humans don’t do so well […]

Do you ever feel as though you are running on empty? Grasping at any source of energy you can get your hands on? Your ‘to do’ list may be longer than you are.  The time to do it all in seems to be passing by at the speed of light. Life feels as though it […]

Over the years, I’ve increasingly been asked my opinion on using cannabis medicinally. It’s a complicated topic as cannabis is both a very complex and potent plant, there’s a lot of misunderstanding in the mainstream, and its legal status varies considerably from state to state and country to country. This article reflects my current perspective […]

Vitalism by Clara Bitcon Bailey Naturopath

Mediatrix Wellness Podcast · Vitalism, Menstruation and Balancing with Opposites   In last week’s blog and podcast, I gave you a whistlestop tour of how root cause medicine is such an elegant way to address menstrual cycle issues. In this week’s blog, I’m going to explore the other side of the coin; the energetic system […]

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