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Happy Ostara/Spring Equinox my southern dwelling friends!  The actual moment is 24 hours away at the time of writing this (it will be the 23rd of September 11:04am AEST), but the weather today feels like ✨spring✨, it’s 21C with blue skies and the lovelist breeze.  It’s supposedly going to be raining again tomorrow, so I’m […]

I’m happy to report that the first drop-off at daycare went smoothly for all of us! DS1 went straight about inspecting all the interesting things in the classroom and I was able to transition to a lovely morning of catching up with a friend for a coffee, picking up some seeds to plant in the […]

Every menstruation contains a threshold. An opportunity where every aspect of your life contains the possibility to change. It divides the territory of what you’ve committed your heart and energy to for the past turn of the moon and the possibility of what you’re going to nurture in the next round. It’s a time when […]

Illuminating PMS by Clara Bailey, Naturopath and Herbalist

To listen to this blog, press play: PMS is one of the most misunderstood clusters of symptoms in the field of women’s health.  Not only are health practitioners confounded by it, but women themselves don’t typically understand it and how it can be a powerful tool of insight. I could write a post about the […]

Yule by Clara Bailey

Today in the Southern Hemisphere, we are celebrating the winter solstice (Yule), and it’s a new moon. A double dose of fertile darkness. It’s the longest night of the year and the furthest point from the sun. While we’re suspended in the dark, it may feel like inertia, like nothing we want to be getting […]

Botanical Musings: Wood Betony

Wood betony (Stachys officinalis) has become one of the core herbs of my naturopathic practice, and it is a herb that is not that well known in modern times despite offering so much assistance for modern health problems. It is ancient, humble and multi-faceted. There has been limited research performed on this plant, but there […]

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