Stress: An Eye-Opening Exploration of Science, Spirit and Healing Alignment by Clara Bailey, Naturopath and Herbalist

To listen to ‘Stress: An Eye-Opening Exploration of Science, Spirit and Healing Alignment’, press play: Mediatrix Wellness Podcast · The Science & Spirituality Of Stress   I recently conducted a mini-survey of my community to find out what they wanted to learn more about and what aspect of their health they wanted to work on.  […]

Preparing to Conceive by Clara Bailey Naturopath and Herbalist

How surreal it feels to be penning this piece on my journey on preparing to conceive and conception as I’m 38 weeks pregnant, on the precipice of an entirely new chapter of life. While my conception story isn’t a long fertility journey, it didn’t happen right away either. But it is my story, and enfolded […]

The days feel surreal and sacred right now. I’ve entered the luminal space of the “between”. There are subtle shifts in my body, mind and spirit that are letting me know this baby is on the way. The sea is beckoning me to stand at the shoreline, whispering that it’s almost time to wade in […]

How "Atomic" Mental Health Activities Catalyse Big Change - by Clara Bailey, Naturopath and Herbalist

Listen to “How “Atomic” Mental Health Activities Catalyse Big, Beautiful Change” on the podcast: Mediatrix Wellness Podcast · Mental Health: Small Changes, Big Shifts If I were to distil what makes a holistic approach to healthcare successful or not, it would come down to habits. A perfect treatment plan means nothing if there is no […]

Preventing emotional burnout while still being generous | Clara Bailey Naturopath & Herbalist

Mediatrix Wellness Podcast · How to Prevent Emotional Burnout While Still Being Generous   Over the years, I’ve found myself nearing emotional burnout on several occasions. I adore my work and am so grateful that a beautiful community of wellness curious folks have gatherers around my work. But with the horrific bushfire season, the pandemic, […]

What To Do When Anxiety Floods Us by Clara Bailey, Naturopath & Herbalist

Mediatrix Wellness Podcast · What To Do When Anxiety Floods Us Editors note: This post was originally published in October 2020 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness in April 2021. It’s been a year of change, challenges and pushing many of us to our limits. Us humans don’t do so well […]

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