Listen to your body.  Honour its needs.

My name is Clara, and I help women learn how to take their health into their own hands so that they are empowered and free to make their own informed health choices. I specialise in women's naturopathic medicine and fertility awareness education, and I provide education programs and mentoring.

My Story

I have known since I was young that I wanted to be a healthcare practitioner. I had many positive experiences with my family's naturopath, and I found that the outcomes felt dramatically different from a conventional medical prescription. In my later teenage years and early 20s, I struggled with acne and food intolerances. They all shifted and healed with herbal medicines, whole foods, fertility awareness and meditation.

Becoming a naturopath is not only a career choice but a vocation. The functioning of the body, mind, and soul, along with nutrition and herbal medicine create an endless well of fascination.

I have found that the marriage of herbal medicine and women's health is a potent one. Especially in our times where most women's health issues are answered by modern medicine with a prescription for the pill, hormone replacement therapy or anti-depressants.

Our bodies have far more profound wisdom that needs to be respected.


I want to live in a world where healthcare nourishes wellness and treats root causes. I dream of women being in charge of their fertility and using their menstrual cycles as a source of power.

It breaks my heart when I see women enduring health challenges because they've been told nothing "is wrong with you" or taking a medication "is all that can be done".

Your menstrual cycle is an extraordinary tool for your health, healing and creativity, not a burden to be endured or suppressed.

Living in Cycle

Honouring that we, as humans, are cyclical beings. Our bodies, minds and souls dynamically shift and change just like everything else in nature. Our self-care AND healthcare need to reflect that.



Disease is a delusion and managing symptoms of these illnesses with pills, and temporary remedies is a poor long-term solution. Root cause medicine brings about true healing by addressing the deeper imbalances that are causing symptoms.



Nature provides us with a vibrant pharmacy that can restore and maintain our health.



We are the experts of our own bodies. For too long us women have suffered from being discouraged from listening to ourselves, preventing us from understanding how our bodies work in exquisite detail.



Through our choices and mindsets, we can change our destinies and our DNA. Health challenges are an invitation to growth.



Kindness brings out the best in our natures. As Bob Kerrey says, "it's the most powerful, least costly and most underrated agent of human change".


Get Started


I believe that good medicine listens deeply to and treats the whole woman, not the disease. Food is our first medicine. Ill health is an invitation for us to change and grow. And I believe that a gentle, sensitive approach can be incredibly powerful.

I was awarded the "Clinical Achievement Award in Complementary Medicine" by Southern Cross University and "Student of the Year Award" in 2013 from the Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia for my published research work in grassroots herbalism. I'm a member of the Naturopaths & Herbalists Association of Australia, the Institute of Functional Medicine and the Association of Fertility Awareness Professionals.

I have been working in the natural health world for over a decade. I hold a Bachelor of Clinical Science and Naturopathy from Southern Cross University. I have done post-graduate studies in Natural Fertility Education (Dr Kerry Hampton) and Herbal Medicine for Women (Dr Aviva Romm).


Professional Membership

I love getting lost in novels, long train rides, soul music, Irish jigs & reels, cold weather, nature, hiking and cooking.


I have a natural white streak.


If you get me talking about herbs, I get squinty-eyed and tend to speak very quickly and excitedly.


I make many of the medicines I use in practice from scratch, sourcing my herbs from local herb growers (the medicine is just better this way). The rest comes from a wonderful organic farm in Tasmania. 


For those who are mystically inclined: I'm an INFP, enneagram 4 with a Capricorn sun, Virgo moon, and Libra rising, born in the year of the earth dragon.


I'm a highly sensitive person (it's a thing), which is both a superpower and Achilles heel. I've learned over the years how to honour and utilise it. Many highly sensitive women find their way into my classes and practice – which I love!


I'm married to an extraordinary man, Orlando. He's half Sicilian, a Taurean, extroverted, works as an acute trauma psychologist and catalyses me to be a much better person.


I went through a long phase of wanting to be both a naturopath and a midwife. Wombs, birth, pregnancy, fertility and periods have always deeply fascinated me. So instead of adding to my student debt, I choose to specialise in women's health and fertility as a naturopath, studying under Dr Aviva Romm and Dr Kerry Hampton.


I'm originally from Melbourne, studied in the lush Byron Bay Shire, fell in love with a Sydney man (now my husband), and currently live in Sydney's inner-west.


I've got a fun duality of being mistaken for a softly spoken, gentle spirit. While it's true, I'm also extremely passionate, fiery and determined (I was the debating captain at school if that gives you an idea!). As I grow older, I enjoy the duality more and more.


More About Me

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