Start where you are. Don’t stop -

Start where you are. Don’t stop

It’s Monday morning, and it’s raining but I indeed can’t complain because we’ve had the most glorious couple of days of blue skies, gentle sunshine and blooms everywhere. The Spring equinox felt like an absolute celebration and reprieve from all the illnesses running through our household this month.

Spring Sunshine!

While I’m a little disappointed I haven’t been able to keep to my daily writing on here, it’s also been a humbling lesson on doing what you can, when you can.

At the beginning of September, I didn’t anticipate we’d have two rounds of colds and conjunctivitis, but hey, it’s still felt so good to come to this creative space most mornings. I’ve come to ritualise my blog writing, which makes it something I then especially look forward to.

As soon as my little one goes down for his nap, I make a pot of green tea in my favourite teapot, with a little snack. I sit on the couch, put on my favourite lofi playlist and resist any urges to clean up before writing. This has been key! I’m surrounded by wooden blocks, toys and tiny clothes that need to go in the laundry…but I know that in 15 minutes I’ll be able to get to it.

I remind myself to write what feels good in my heart, and that it doesn’t need to be perfect. And on the days where it’s impossible to do this because those days do happen regularly and will continue to, I’m practising the grace to know that I’ll just try again tomorrow. As Seth Godin says: The magic is that there is no magic. Start where you are. Don’t stop.


September 26, 2022

  1. Alison says:

    Always such good messages to share Clara. With little ones it’s so relatable, we do what we can and don’t berate ourselves for when we can’t.
    I am loving lofi music also, I have a good playlist for massage that I quite enjoy.

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