Blood Building & Immune Restoring Herbal Decoction -

Blood Building & Immune Restoring Herbal Decoction

It’s day 4 over here, and I’m feeling the rising energy in me as I shift out of my inner winter. I use my menstrual cycle as a faithful guide to set the pace of my month, and I try to take things as quietly and softly as I can during my period. Every time I do, I feel so much more resourced for the month ahead. It’s also an excellent check-in time. How I experience my period gives me so my information about how I’m tracking on the whole, and it’s usually when I make tweaks in my self-care.

I’ve written on here about how much I love putting on a big 1.5L French press of nourishing herbal infusion at night and then sipping on it throughout the next day. I love this style of herbal medicine, as it weaves so seamlessly into one’s day. This past month I’ve been drinking lots of lemon balm, cleavers and nettle – all lovely and light herbs. But for this coming cycle, I’ve got the strong sense to switch to a rich daily decoction of roots, berries and mushrooms instead. After 3 months of various viruses (including The Virus) and the sleepless nights that accompany them when my little one is fighting them off too, my immune system is needing some extra TLC.

This is a formula I first crafted for myself for post-partum and features many classical Chinese herbs (I adore Traditional Chinese Medicine) that build the blood, support the immune system and nourish the adrenal glands. It tastes so very delicious, and I simply add an ice cube of the decoction (I use the ice cube trays for whisky ice, so 4x the size of normal ice) to a cup with boiled water. Delicious!


Blood Building & Immune Restoring Herbal Decoction

30g Rehmannia (cooked)
30g Condonopsis
30g Dong Quai
30g Astragalus
30g Reishi
15g Red Dates
15g Goji berries
15g Licorice root
5–10g Ginger

1. Soaking

Add herbs to an ovenproof or clay pot – add enough water for herbs to swim freely – allow soaking for 1 hour or overnight.

2. Decocoting

Place the pot in the oven at 100C and cook for 8 hours. Turn off the heat and allow the brew to cool down so the brew can draw. Strain through a sieve into a clean bowl.

3. Freezing

Allow to cool, then freeze in ice cube trays. Transfer to ziplock bags, and add to broths, soups, stews or simply hot water. I have 1/3 cup of the decoction x3 a day.


September 21, 2022

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