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Everyday A Little Something

I writing to you from a rather woozy state of mind – I’ve had three consecutive sleepless nights with DS1 being double hit with a cold and teething molars which I wrote about yesterday. On days like these, I usually wrestle with myself about what to prioritise, what’s achievable and how to keep myself bolstered so I’ve got some leftovers to keep my engine running.

The idea of getting back into the habit of writing every day and publishing on my blog has been my little challenge to work out ways to move with days like these. There’s no stopping them, it’s an intrinsic part of caring for a little human, so finding a kind way through is what I’m trying to work out. And I’m pretty sure I’m onto something – break everything into morsels. Just little bites that don’t take long and can be strung together. 15 minutes of writing is doable. 10 minutes of folding laundry is achievable. Throwing some onions, vegetables, meat from the freezer and passata into the crock pot at the beginning of the day is good enough for dinner.

I’ve heard it said that the concept of self-care for new mothers can be a source of stress rather than a remedy for it, as it just creates more things to do. But this sentiment feels rather defeatist to me. The trick is to change the unit size of self-care.

In this season of life, I can’t spend an entire afternoon deep conditioning my hair, doing a facial and reading a novel for hours (my previous go-to “self-care”). But I can play music I find beautiful and relaxing while I cook. I can sit down with a coffee and watch the breeze move the trees in the kitchen window. I can gather some blooms from the garden and place them on my bedside table. I can go to bed earlier instead of watching that extra episode.

Peppering these morsels of sweetness throughout the day truly does leave me feeling more bolstered by the end of the day. By making acts of self-care simple and small, I’ve been able to spot opportunities to inject them. Instead of them being “yet another to-do”, they feel more like little offerings of love and kindness. On some days it’s not much, but it’s better than none.

So off I hop with a delicious oolong tea in hand, wireless headphones in with my audiobook at the ready while I hang some nappies on the clothesline. I must say, I’m quite looking forward to it.


September 8, 2022

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