You Have All the Wisdom You Need -

You Have All the Wisdom You Need

Every menstruation contains a threshold. An opportunity where every aspect of your life contains the possibility to change. It divides the territory of what you’ve committed your heart and energy to for the past turn of the moon and the possibility of what you’re going to nurture in the next round.

It’s a time when you can choose to continue the way you are or choose something different.

If your period has been a cause of suffering, it may be the wake-up call you need to tend to your health differently.

Dormant parts of you may be wanting to see the light of day and are calling for you to activate them.

The beauty of menstruation is that we can hear our inner voice with greater acuity.

We can respond to its call and choose to cross over to something new. This step always requires courage and a sense of trust in what is emerging. It helps to know how to work with this creation cycle and know when to surrender and when to exercise your will. When to rest and when to relentlessly create.

As women, we’re given the opportunity to pass through a new threshold every menstrual cycle. Each portal brings us closer to who we are and encourages us to share more of our gifts with the world bravely.

A foundational aspect of what I teach in my courses and programs is how to hold yourself so that you can access your own wisdom and then use the menstrual cycle framework to work with those insights.

I would love to share with you one of my favourite soulful practices to access the wise one within…

It may surprise you that this aspect of you is easier to tap into than you may have thought.

This has become a beloved favourite in my 6-week online course, Moon School, and I would love to share it with you.

It always blows me away when students share their experiences and how this connection has become an invaluable resource to turn to in their day to day, where they can find answers, comfort and guidance.

In this meditation, you will be led through a relaxation sequence and then guided on your journey to meet your inner wise one. You’ll sit down, have tea, learn about them and have plenty of time to hear what advice, guidance and wisdom they have to share with you. This meditation was inspired by Tara Mohr’s “Inner Mentor” meditation, which I have adapted for my practice.

I invite you to put 30 minutes aside, make yourself comfy, have a journal and pen next to you and press play on this meditation…


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You Have All the Wisdom You Need by Clara Bailey, Herbalist and Naturopath

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September 15, 2021

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