Baby’s Arrival is Not Far Away -

Baby’s Arrival is Not Far Away

The days feel surreal and sacred right now. I’ve entered the luminal space of the “between”. There are subtle shifts in my body, mind and spirit that are letting me know this baby is on the way. The sea is beckoning me to stand at the shoreline, whispering that it’s almost time to wade in and cross the threshold to bring this new person into the world. But for now I’m still on land, taking care of all the final bits and pieces.

There are so many ineffable corners of pregnancy, that I might one day have some words to describe, but in the meantime I’m surrendering to their mysterious currents.

My own mum is here with me this Mother’s Day weekend, we have three pots of broth simmering away as we speak, + a list of nourishing soups, stews and snacks to create and fill the freezer with. I’m about to put my parental leave autoresponder on and update my website. And while I’ll be spending the next couple of months cocooned away, I have been preparing a number of beautiful things for you…

Wednesday Posts

Each Wednesday over the next few months, you’ll receive a blog post from me. If the post reasonates, there’ll be some guidance on how you can take the learnings deeper.

Courses & Programs

Moon School will be running again in September, so if you are planning on joining us, make sure you join the waitlist. Two of my other beloved programs Nourishing Your Fertility and The Peace Protocol will be available to take self-spaced over the coming months also.

On Social

If we aren’t yet connected on social media, please find me on Instagram over here and Pinterest here. Just like stocking up my freezer, there’s lots of goodness lovingly packaged up to be enjoyed.

I’m going to do my best to let you know when baby has arrived safely in our arms.

And from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all your caring, well wishes and support, it’s so gratefully received!

With love,


Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum

May 7, 2021

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