Scholarship Program Recipients – Moon School March 2021

Thank you so much to all those who submitted an application for the diversity & equity scholarship program.

It’s such an honour and joy to offer the Moon School Scholarship Program, and yet again, I’m blown away by the entries. I read each and every one of them and because there were over 70, it took a little more time than expected!

I’m delighted to announce the 2021 March Moon School recipients are:

  • Rosie Naughton
  • Sharni McDermott
  • Stephanie Ally Wangu
  • Charlotte (from Chile)
  • Sally Coulibaly
  • Jennyfer Lara


I truly believe that we are the experts of our own bodies. For too long us womb keepers have suffered from being discouraged from listening to ourselves, preventing us from understanding how our bodies work in exquisite detail. And it is with the hope that this scholarship program helps spread this knowledge further and wider.

I look forward to getting to know you in the program. The recipients will be sent an email from my assistant Julia with all the details in the next 24 hours.

With love,


Women's Health Issues & Conditions

March 15, 2021

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