Moon School Scholarship Program March 2021 -

Moon School Scholarship Program March 2021

I’m very excited to make a group of scholarships available for Moon School this semester’s intake.

This scholarship serves to foster greater diversity and education equality within Moon School. A percentage of scholarship spots are reserved for folks from underserved and marginalised communities – including LGBTQIA+, BIPOC+ and those living with disabilities, chronic illnesses and/or compromised immune systems.

The Moon School Scholarship Program is based on the honour system. I’m entrusting you, on your honour, to apply for a scholarship because, without it, learning the fertility awareness method and home herbalism in a program like Moon School would not be financially possible right now.

Please only apply for a scholarship if it’s genuinely needs-based. If you:

  1. Tell me about you?  Would love to participate in the Moon School program, and
  2. Would need financial assistance to participate

Then I would love for you to apply!

Moon School Scholarship Program Details

What you receive: Complimentary access Moon School Autumn/Spring 2021.

Application process: Read the following questions and post your answer in the application form. Make sure your response is 250 words or less.

  1. What draws you to Moon School, and what are you most excited to learn?
  2. How do you see the knowledge you receive in Moon School as supporting greater healing or social change in your community?


What You Need to Know

  • Fill out your written application here.
  • I’ll award a handful of scholarship places. A specific number is not predetermined.
  •  The entry deadline is Thursday, March 11th at 7 pm AEDT, and the recipients will be announced on Friday, March 12th by 5 pm AEDT.
  • No purchase is needed to receive a scholarship.

Good Luck!


Root Cause Medicine by Clara Bitcon Bailey Naturopath

Healing Wise

March 8, 2021

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