Lammas: Celebrating the End of Summer -

Lammas: Celebrating the End of Summer

As we approach the balancing point between the Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox; we’re tilting from late summer into early autumn. To honour this moment, we can celebrate Lammas (also referred to as Lughassa, after the Celtic Sun King “Lugh”). We have now begun our descent into the cooler months in our spin around the sun, the waxing dark. You may notice the quality of light changing as the nights gradually begin to lengthen.

It’s a seasonal moment to reflect on the bounty of summer. If you planted seeds of intention at Imbolc, review and give thanks for all you and your loved ones have reaped so far.

But the work isn’t over yet! This is a time to follow through, to identify what still needs doing and edit out what can’t make it for this year. This requires a clear head and a heart attuned to devotion – a combination that will bring you your full harvest.

Some ways you may like to celebrate this moment

  • Take a moment in the late summer sun to reflect on all that has come your way this spring and summer.
  • Look back on the intentions that you set at Imbolc: which of these will you continue to nurture and which ones do you feel need to be let go of.
  • List out what you’d like to follow through on and make an action plan.
  • Adorn your altar with grass seed heads.
  • Buy or pick some stone fruits and make some preserves, jam or cordial to enjoy in the cooler months.
  • Bring close what will keep you warm and sustained throughout the autumn and winter.

Lammas begins on Saturday 6th February; however, the actual moment is 1:10am 4th February AEDT.

Blessed Lammas!

Lammas with Clara Bailey Bitcon Naturopath

Healing Wise

January 29, 2021

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