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Ostara – Welcoming The Light Of The Spring Equinox

Happy Ostara/Spring Equinox my southern dwelling friends!

Today, all over the world, we experience the perfect balance of day and night. In the southern hemisphere, it’s the beginning of lighter and longer days ahead.

New life is well underway. Flowers are blooming, animated by the rising and quickening energy.

In folklore, today’s the day Persephone returned from her time in the “underworld” (symbolic of autumn and winter) with new wisdom to share.

For us, this seasonal moment is an apt time to pause and reflect on what wisdom and insight we have gathered from the past six months, and then ask…

How am I going to put these insights into action?

What do I need to gather or let go of to nurture them into being?

Be clear on what direction you’re intending on going in, so that you can catch the rising wave and flow right in its direction. Some ideas to embrace this moment of spring:

? Do some clearing of your physical space: declutter a draw, a corner, your workspace or your closet. Refresh it with a stick of incense and divine smelling cleaning spray (you’ll likely want to continue).

? Gather some small posies of flowers and greens and place them around your home.

? Place an egg (real or symbolic) in your sacred space and meditate on what this new life represents to you.

? Do a planning session for the next six months – I adore @simpleandseasons Planning Kit for this.

Happy Ostara and Mabon for my Northerners.

How are you welcoming in this seasonal moment?

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September 22, 2020

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