Moon School 2020 Scholarship Program Recipients -

Moon School 2020 Scholarship Program Recipients

It has been such an honor and joy to offer the 2020 Moon School Scholarship Program.

I’ve been blown away by the incredible entries and read each and every one of them (and needed a box of tissues throughout). Thank you everyone who applied.

I’m delighted to announce the 2020 Moon School recipients:

  • Elisha Kelly Barrett
  • De-Zhana Roberts
  • Ashley Richardson
  • Sarah Aiko Siebuhr
  • Avry Miller
  • Bilgesu Gundes
  • Kayleigh Warren
  • Venus Fajardo


A huge congratulations!

I truly believe that we are the experts of our own bodies. For too long us women have suffered from being discouraged from listening to ourselves, preventing us from understanding how our bodies work in exquisite detail. And it is with hope that this scholarship program helps spread this knowledge futhur and wider.

I look forward to getting to know you in the program. You have been sent an email to the address you provided in your application, with all the details.

If you didn’t receive this, please get in contact and we’ll set you up!

With love,


Women's Health Issues & Conditions

September 17, 2020

  1. Skye says:

    Congratulations beautiful women. I wish I could have joined you but I look forward to hearing all about it and being apart of Moon School when my stars align. xx

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