How I Align My Schedule to My Cycle + Free eCourse -

How I Align My Schedule to My Cycle + Free eCourse

How I Align My Schedule to My Cycle + Free eCourse

This week marks a significant milestone for my naturopathic practice, Mediatrix Wellness. It’s turning 3 years old!

To the outside world, us self employed folk may look like we’re careening across the surface gracefully…but I can assure you that there’s a lot of paddling and current navigating beneath the surface.

The most significant healing AND business strategy I’ve employed has been somewhat unconventional, yet wholly sensible. Running my practise, writing and teaching schedule off my menstrual cycle.

I would love to share what this practically looks like with you all because it’s been such a game-changer for me. Plus I believe this world would be a saner place if workplace cultures started leveraging cyclicity!

Each Phase of my Cycle is Dedicated to Specific Components

I have an alternating weekly schedule that looks something like this:

Week 1 – Inner Winter/Menstruation

I try to take a couple of rest days for menstruation. If this is unavoidable, they then become half days, where I may work from 11–3pm. On Day 4–6, I hold a monthly agenda meeting. I check in on projects, review where clients are up to, check in the apothecary stock, make sure the books are up to date (thanks to week 4).

It’s also the time to revisit my bigger picture projects for the quarter, year, and beyond to make sure that the container of my practice is soulfully aligned. There’s also space here to pivot if necessary. It sets up the entire structure of the month ahead. This is a time of reflective energy, and I love to allow this time to clearly see all the components and where they’re up to.

Week 2 – Inner-Spring/Pre-Ovulation

This is a client week where I’ll see clients between Monday and Saturday. I like to keep my client weeks simple so that I can entirely focus on the people I help and I love the rising energy of this part of my cycle to do that. As a naturopath, there’s always a lot of work and research that goes behind the scenes. The holistic and deeply personalised nature of this work means curating everyone’s plans.

Week 3 – Inner-Summer & Late Summer/Ovulation & Post Ovulation

This is writing week. It’s always when I like to schedule in any talks, interviews or webinars. It’s when my energy is highest, and I know I can write for hours! I’ll also dedicate half to full day of preparing new herbal extracts, pressing tinctures and developing my handmade medicines. It’s also an excellent time to check back on the goals I set for the cycle in my inner winter. I take a moment to make sure that they’re well on the way to completion and adjust my plans as needed.

Week 4 – Inner-Autumn/Premenstrum

This is another client week, so again this is kept rather simple. There is a rawness and intuitiveness that comes through at the phase that is a great quality to bring into my healing work. I like to have a half-day to make sure all my books are up to date as my brain is so much better at clerical tasks at this time.

At other points in my cycle, I find it insufferably dull! It’s also the week to tie off loose ends. I make a list of everything that has worked and what hasn’t, so when it comes to the following week, I can create an actionable plan for the next cycle. And then I prepare for a couple of days of rest.

It’s ever-evolving and very flexible, however, since structuring my weeks this way, I feel so much more in flow and able to follow through on creations. Leveraging the super-powers of each phase of my cycle, while honouring the needs of each phase too, feels like modern-day alchemy.

I hope you find it useful and gives you some ideas about how you may like to structure your working month. The possibilities are endless!

If you would like to learn more about how you could also start aligning your working week with your cycle, Cycle Alchemy is going to give you a very simple structure to begin working with. If you’d like to join us, just sign up over here!

Join Cycle Alchemy - We begin on August 31st
Join Cycle Alchemy – We begin on August 31st

Healing Wise

August 17, 2020

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