Imbolc - Early Spring -

Imbolc – Early Spring

Happy Imbolc my fellow Southern dwellers!

We’re at the midway point between the solstice just gone and the equinox, that’s to come.

We’re in the tender early days of spring and he tendrils of nature’s quickening are unfurling. Our earth tilts us back towards the sun.

This is a seasonal moment to take pause and attune your awareness to the sparks of something new that wishes to come through for this turn around the sun. At the winter solstice, you planted seeds of intention, and now it’s time to see which ones are showing signs of life, vibrating with the urge to be made manifest.

You may like to ask yourself…

What’s stirring within me?

What can I do to kindle this spark?

What may snuff it out?

Remember, these fresh shoots are beautifully new, and vulnerable. Your job is to midwife them into being.

Imbolc is also known as St Bridget’s day, a Celtic goddess (who was also made a saint when Christianity come through). Bridget was a flame keeper, healer, herbalist, midwife, poet and blacksmith. She was always called upon when new creations and beings were being brought into the world.

If you’d like to celebrate this moment, try a few or all of these:

  • Explore the above questions in your journal.
  • Gather rushes or grasses, from your nearby park, forest, bush, river, or woods and make a Bridget’s cross. Weave the answers you wrote into the cross, and then keep it where you can see it to remind you.
  • Look for early signs of spring; buds, changed birdsong, the daylight coming sooner.
  • Gather early spring flowers and arrange in your home.
  • Light a candle (red was traditionally used) and meditate on your intentions igniting.

The actual moment this year is 7th of August, 11am AEST.

Blessed Imbolc!

Imbolc & St Bridget's Cross

Healing Wise

August 6, 2020

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