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Celebrating Yule

Today in the Southern Hemisphere, we are celebrating the winter solstice (Yule), and it’s a new moon. A double dose of fertile darkness. It’s the longest night of the year and the furthest point from the sun.

While we’re suspended in the dark, it may feel like inertia, like nothing we want to be getting done is getting done. This time of year is not one for action. It’s a time for surrender, rest and turning to your inner world to seek your inner light.

Instead of worrying about what’s not getting done, take the time to nourish the soil of your life. Yule is an ideal time to do an energy stocktake and put your needs high on the agenda. If you’re feeling tired, ask yourself what kind of rest, does your body need? Your heart? Your spirit?

You may like to celebrate the solstice this evening by:

  • Having a magnesium salts bath + add some cedar fronds by candlelight
  • Sip on an aromatic herbal tea (mugwort, rose, licorice and hawthorn berries are going to be in my teapot)
  • Do a Yoga Nidra and allowing yourself to float into a deep state of rest
  • Keep all your to-do lists and do the bare minimum to keep everything ticking along
  • Making black bean soup and brown soda bread
  • …or just do everything by candlelight!

Over the next six weeks, take special notice of your dreams – both your sleeping and waking dreams. When Imbolc comes in six weeks, drafting out a concrete plan and getting your energy behind it will be just the ticket! But until then, rest and go easy on yourself.

Yule by Clara Bailey

Green Witch

June 21, 2020

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