Introducing the Peace Protocol -

Introducing the Peace Protocol

Do you wish you could find a way to nurture your body, quieten your mind and rest your rushed soul?

Can you imagine anchoring your life in a place of groundedness and connection?

Knowing that no matter how stressed, anxious, fatigued or weary you feel, you can access that place of deep peace and rest within yourself? Would you like to have smoother energy throughout the day, sleep more deeply, and wake with energy?

But right now, you’re feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, worried or stressed.

The hurry of life has swept you up. You’ve been taking on more than you can handle. You’re feeling spread thin and pulled in too many directions. You may even be experiencing some health challenges that you know are exacerbated from the stress of all this.

This may be insomnia, anxiety, depression, IBS, fertility challenges or menstrual cycle issues. You may have found out that your thyroid results “are a little off”.

You’ve been giving so much to everyone else, and now it’s time to give back to yourself.

You’ve probably already tried meditation apps, going to bed earlier, eating healthier or taking some supplements you read about on the internet…but without success. You may even have taken a holiday, yet now that you’re back in the regular hurry of life, it feels like you’re back to square one.

I know how frustrating and hopeless it feels to try and find a path out of the overwhelm and fatigue because I’ve been there too.  I’ve been a naturopath in private practice for seven years, and I’m no stranger to helping people overcome the effects of stress.

But a time came when it was my turn to take my own advice in a much deeper way. In the space of two years, I moved cities, started a business, had two close family members receive serious diagnoses got married, my husband experienced a lot of change in his job, all which led to a very different financial reality. To keep up and make ends meet, I was working six days a week for over a year to accommodate all the changes.

While my self-care practices were steller, they were not allowing me the space to transform; they kept me going in the mode I was in. I was holding on with a white-knuckled grip.

It wasn’t until life settled into a less demanding pace did I discover how beat, and tired I was from being in survival mode for close on two years.

It was a diagnosis of glandular fever, that made me deeply rethink everything and recalibrate my self-care.

Happily, things look A LOT different now.

I’ve been on the other side of this extraordinary metamorphosis for some time now. I wanted to create a guided process for anyone who has also found themselves deep in the clutches of stress and survival mode.

I meditated, prayed, went to therapy and journaled my heart out. I drew myself up a plan, which I called “My Rest and Peace Protocol”. I organised all the changes and shifts into three categories: body, mind and soul.

My intention was to visit the still, quiet and deep place within me every day, rest there and organize all the other elements around it. It became my organising principle. I surrendered, and I watched my anxieties, beliefs, shame all fall away. I came home to myself changed.

That’s why I’ve created the peace protocol for overstressed-women.

This 21-day self-guided program is designed to help you shift from feeling exhausted and overwhelmed to finding your grounded centre, tending to your inner being and nourishing your nervous system.

The Peace Protocol covers:

  • A series of self-assessments to uncover your stress adaptation pattern, hidden strengths and stress triggers.
  • Practical ways to reset your circadian and ultradian rhythms.
  • Nourishing your nervous system with foods, nutrients and herbal medicines.
  • Simple daily journaling practices.
  • Identifying limiting beliefs that are holding you back and reframing them.
  • Over three weeks, you’ll develop a daily meditation practice, starting with 5 minutes and working up to 20 minutes.

These simple but profound practices will help you transform stressful thoughts and emotions into wisdom you can move forward with.

What you’ll receive:

  • Meditations – with the option of no music or soothing ambient music composed by Tahlee Roullion of Sonescence.
  • Video and audio lessons sent on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Journal exercises and prompts
  • Meal plans, recipes and shopping lists
  • Herbal preparation guidelines.

Drawing upon scientifically validated methods, clinical best practices, and what I’ve seen work, I’ve created a distillation of tools, insights practices, foods and herbs to take all the guesswork out for you. You can focus what energy you do have on moving through the steps, which are broken down into achievable morsels.

All you need to do is put 30 minutes aside, each day, and be willing to change some of your habits.

Who the Peace Protocol is perfect for?

  • You’re currently feeling stress all getting too much, and you’re feeling frayed around the edges.
  • You want an integrated approach that combines both the scientific with the spiritual.
  • You would like to explore or develop a meditation practice.
  • You’re able to put 30 minutes aside each day and engage with the material.
  • You’re looking for a self-guided program developed by somebody who is a health care practitioner.


Who the Peace Protocol is not for?

  • If you don’t like anything spiritual, there’s a large percentage of the peace protocol that you won’t resonate with.
  • If you don’t like anything scientific, there is also a large proportion of the peace protocol you won’t resonate with.
  • If you’re currently experiencing a significant mental health concern or exacerbation, but, it will work as an excellent complement to work you’re doing with a trained mental health practitioner.
  • If you’re not able to access the internet or have a device, you can access the program on.


The Peace Protocol is $99US

Full Price: $149US or x2 payments of $79US.

Early bird ends: January 13 2020

Registration closes: January 19 2020

Course Begins: January 20 2020

A percentage of The Peace Protocol revenue goes towards WWF Australia to raise bushfire emergency funds to care for injured wildlife & forest restoration.

14-day guarantee: If after two weeks of engaging with the material and you’re feeling like it is not helping you. Please let our team know, and we will refund your full amount.

Learn More About The Peace Protocol Over Here

With love,


Clara Bailey Naturopath and Herbalist

Healing Wise

January 10, 2020

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