Moon School 2019 is Here! -

Moon School 2019 is Here!

You have a wise woman inside you.

She’s attuned to her cycles, intimately understands her fertility and instinctively knows what kind of self-care she needs.

She’s a faithful guide that brings you home and sends you back out into the world recharged. She is waiting for you and ready to share her medicine with you.

Moon School 2019 is Here!

I’m ✨so EXCITED✨ to announce that Moon School is back for its second year.

Moon School is a six-week online course for women to re-connect with their cycles, fertility and healing. This handcrafted course is a guided initiation to becoming a cycle conscious woman.

It distils over a decade of healing, learning, connecting with nature and diving deep into women’s health.

I created this course, initially, for my naturopathic clients. I wanted to create an accessible and affordable way for them to bring themselves in communication between themselves, their cycles and the natural world.

Our 1-hour sessions were not long enough for me to fully equip them with the full range of tools they would need going forward. I wanted to teach these women everything I knew about the fertility awareness method, herbal medicine, menstruality, meditation and healing with whole foods.

And so, Moon School was born! 

If you’re ready to…

☾ Dive deep into connecting with yourself and your inner wise woman

☾ Know exactly when you can and cannot get pregnant each month

☾ Learn to chart your fertility accurately

☾ Strengthen your sovereignty over your reproductive health & fertility

☾ Align your life with your unique cycle patterns to create more profound wellness, insight and power

☾ Learn herbal medicine, flower essences & medicine making

…then walk through this unique threshold and join me!

What you’ll receive in Moon School…

☾ Video and audio lessons twice a week (sent on a Monday and Thursday)

☾ Beautifully designed and fully referenced in-depth guidebooks – so that you can revisit the science, the rules and how to chart anytime you need

☾ Learning worksheets each week

☾ Herbal & flower essence profiles –how to understand the healing applications of herbs and how to source and use them in your daily life

☾ Printable blank fertility charts and moon maps

☾ Meditations and creative journaling exercises

☾ Private Slack group chat & community – to learn, share and evolve with a group of newfound friends and allies.

And I will be there with you every step of the way.

Waiting Lists & Webinar Attendees Registration opens: August 23 2019
Open Registration: August 26 2019
Registration closes: September 8 2019

Early Bird Bonuses

  • The early bird price is $254, and this is available until the 29th of August.
  • Full price places will be $299. A payment plan will be available for full price places.


Clara Bailey Naturopath and Herbalist

Healing Wise

August 25, 2019

  1. […] On a post-it above my desk throughout my naturopathic training, I had a Rumi quote:“Respond to every call that excites your spirit.” So I watched what my spirit responded to in those 5 years of study and the golden thread continued to unravel.Women’s health, menstruation, fertility, home-birth, reproductive rights and women’s rights joined the cabinet of curiosities alongside the plants. I was excited and somewhat overwhelmed by the bigness of it all. Women had been severely persecuted in the past for sharing this knowledge…and in many ways, still were. I didn’t know it then, but this was my initiation to cycle-consciousness. […]

  2. […] Map your cycle including cervical mucus and basal body temperature. This will provide you with in-depth information as to what’s going on in your body.  Then […]

  3. […] Map your cycle including cervical mucus and basal body temperature. This will provide you with in-depth information as to what’s going on in your body.  Then […]

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