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A Cyclical Self Care Christmas Oracle

This is a follow on from this week’s post on simple self-care for the crazy season. Take a moment to check in with yourself (or calendar) and work out which phase on your cycle you’re in and have a read below for your cycle horoscope ? how you spend your energy this week is what’ll set you up for next week’s festivities…

? Inner Autumn (pre-menstruation) – take this week gently. If you feel like you can’t get excited about Christmas/it all looks a commercial farce/you’re feeling extra tender that you won’t be spending Christmas with certain loved ones…remember you’re in the phase of your cycle where all your emotions are magnified. Journal. Dance. Get some time alone. Write heartfelt notes to love ones. Ground stress down. Say no!

❄️ Inner winter (menstruation) – wherever possible during this week rest as completely and as deeply as you possibly can. If that’s not possible go as slowly as you can. If you rest now, you’ll be able to catch the rising energy next week. So don’t overfill your social calendar, order your groceries online or have someone else in your household do them. Early to bed. Baths. No apologies.

? Inner spring (pre-ovulation) – lucky you! You’re going to be able to vibe this festive season with far more ease! Channel this energy joyfully – pick a couple of seasonal projects: whether that’s writing Christmas cards, baking, creating or reaching out to those who are finding it more difficult. Say yes!

? Inner summer (ovulation) – alrighty rolls sleeves up! Take advantage of this energy to get the lion’s share of the work done before next week when you’re feeling a tad slower. You’ve got access to gold so really channel it. Feel inspired to make terriums, macrame, bath salts, start a natural dye project or pickle? Put some tunes in and go for it!

? Late summer (post-ovulation) – buckle down and work through your to do list as best you can so that at Christmas you can let go and go a little slower. Ask yourself, what can I do this week to make next week easier? What can I prepare ahead? You’ve still got strong energy but it’s coming to an end soon, so be mindful.

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December 21, 2018

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