8 Ways to Begin the New Year With Soulful Resolutions

8 Ways to Begin the New Year With Soulful Resolutions 

There is a charge in the air when a new year rolls around.  The madness of December is over, you’ve (hopefully!) had a moment of reprieve to reflect on the year that’s been and the year that is to be.  I’ve rounded up a collection of some of my favourite resources from fellow herbalists, authors, yoga and meditation teachers, a financial advisor plus a couple of Mediatrix’s own offerings that will infuse your new year’s resolutions with some soul. 

1. Life audit and deep intention setting

The Desire Map by Danielle La Porte

I love Danielle’s work. It is filled with such spirit, omph and pragmatism. She has written a couple of books, but The Desire Map is definitely a perfect companion for taking your new year’s resolutions to a more soulful level. Instead of asking yourself “what do I want to achieve” the script is flipped to “how do I want to feel”, and then through a series of journal exercises you brainstorm and calibrate all the areas of your life to that set of feelings. It’s powerful stuff! It’s the type of thing you need to block out 3 hours, grab yourself a journal, light a candle and dive in. Also great to do with your partner!

2. Lightening Up Body and Mind with a Simple Herbal Cleanse

Simple Herbal Cleanse by Celia Linneman of Dandelion Revolution

I came across Celia’s (a herbalist and acupuncturist) blog during my naturopathic training all the way back in 2010. I found her simple, earthy take on health a breath of fresh air. This remains my go-to uber simple cleanse, you can do it for a weekend or 3 weeks. The premise is let the big guys go – alcohol, caffeine, sugar, wheat, dairy and cigarettes. And bring in cleansing herbal infusions, choosing one plant at a time, and then progressively move from the lighter cleansing herbs through to the stronger cleansers. It may look like: nettle, clivers or red clover for 1 week, then add in some dandelion or burdock root, and if any system begins to show signs of distress having a specific herbal formulation made for you will ease you back to center (this is where an acute consultation with a herbalist or naturopath is a great help).  If you struggle with hormone imbalances, up and down moods, period problems, fatigue or digestive issues, this little cleanse is a wonderful way to set the year in the right direction.  

3. Have a Naturopath on Your Side to Make Your Health Resolutions Easier to Achieve

Holistic Health Consultations at Mediatrix

If you have some specific health goals this year, or you have a health condition that you would love to manage naturally, having a naturopath on your care team is a valuable addition. The major points of difference of naturopathy are seeing the whole picture, getting to the root cause and personalised plans. What I adore (and am very passionate about) is that naturopathy doesn’t “treat you”, it teaches you how to understand and treat yourself. The investment in learning about your unique constitution and how to cultivate deep health in yourself will provide many returns for the rest of your life.

4. Cut Chemicals from your Body Care and Make Your Own

Herbs for Natural Beauty by Rosemary Gladstar

I have many clients ask me about making their own beauty products or which ones to transition to. Many commercial products are filled with all sorts of chemicals that place an extra burden on our bodies to process and can disrupt our hormones. Making your own products is super easy! And Rosemary Gladstar – a wonderful herbalist in the United States – book called Herbs for Natural Beauty is a brilliant guide to get you started. The recipes all work, and most of the ingredients you’ll be able to find at your local food co-op or health food store. 

5. Making Yoga Practice a Habit

If “do more yoga” is on your resolutions list, I have a couple of goodies for you. First of all, I must mention the amazing teachers at Union St Yoga (where my practice is) and the special of $45 for 3 weeks of unlimited yoga. If you’re a Sydney inner west local, come by and check it out!  Wunderlust’s 21 Day Yoga Challange is an online option, with a new 20 minute every day. I did it in 2017 and was such a great way to bring in the new year. For yoga all year round, Anita Goa’s YouTube channel is a go to, particularly her restorative classes. She is such a passionate teacher and she makes her videos in such a way that you feel she is just there with you.

6. Cultivating a Meditation Practice

Tara Brach’s Podcast

For those of you wanting to practice meditation more regularly this year or want to begin, I cannot recommend Tara Brach more highly enough. Tara is a psychologist and Buddhist meditation teacher and she releases a meditation and dharma talk every week on her podcast. There are literally hundreds of meditations to choose from. They are offered freely, but donations are welcomed. Her teaching style is gentle, wise and transformative.

7. Foster a Connection with Your Menstrual Cycle and Fertility

Mediatrix’s Natural Fertility Preconception Care, Fertility Awareness Method Consultations or Natural Birth Control Free eBook.

If you are planning on having a bub this year or want to start using a natural form of birth control, the fertility awareness method is a powerful tool. It not only allows you to know exactly when you can and cannot get pregnant, it brings you into a deep conversation with your body. The menstrual cycle, when understood, communicates the state of our physical, mental and emotional health very clearly. I have written an introductory eBook and I also offer consultations.

8. Putting your Financial Health on Your Resolutions Map (in a non-scary way)

The Barefoot Investor – by Scott Pape

Money worries are a major stress culprit. Scott Pape is a beacon of financial common sense and cleverly helps to reframe (or start) a sustainable strategy for your personal finances. He encourages one to have an independent attitude and be free of influence from institutions which do not always have your best interests at heart. I read the whole book in 3 hours on a train trip between Melbourne and Sydney at the beginning of last year, and it’s had a major impact on my confidence and financial outlook.

I hope that gives you some fun and easy inspiration for the new year. If you have any others that are in your personal artillery, please share them in the comments below!


8 Ways to Begin the New Year With Soulful Resolutions

Healing Wise

January 5, 2018

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