Charting By the Moon -

Charting By the Moon

As a follow up on last week’s introduction to the fertility awareness method and before posting tomorrow’s blog on “How does the fertility awareness method work?” I thought I would share with you a handout I give to clients who are wanting to go analogue with their charting and connect in with the lunar cycles.  Some women like to do this if they are working through a health challenge, are beginning to use fertility awareness for birth control, or they’re getting ready to get pregnant.

If you’re new to fertility awareness, I would recommend using this alongside a regular chart as it is easier to see your patterns that way.  But for seeing how your mood, creativity, sensuality, as well as fertility, aligns with the lunar month, this is a beautiful habit to get into every evening.  It’s such a simple reminder of how connected we are to nature’s cycles.


Download Charting by the Moon

Download Charting by the Moon

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Charting By the Moon

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November 7, 2017

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